Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Medical Podcasts

Medical podcasts have exploded on the scene. You can download weekly podcasts to your iPod from many journals that read the current issue's abstracts and/or interview authors. Journals include:
  • JAMA
  • NEJM
  • Lancet
  • Science
  • Nature
Many specialty areas also have podcasts that discuss recent news or discoveries in areas such as cardiology, neurology, cancer, gastroenterology, etc.

These are perfect to listen to during your daily commute! Check out the Library's Podcast page to see a comprehensive podcast listing and for instructions on how to download.

If you know of another health-related podcast that we should add, please email the information to us at


Anonymous said...

This is a great service! Good for you for getting on the Podcast bandwagon.

Craig said... provides free online audio summaries of the highest impact medical journals. You can listen to it at