Monday, December 22, 2008

The Global Library of Women's Medicine

The Global Library of Women’s Medicine is published by Sapiens Global Library Limited (an associated company of Sapiens Publishing Limited).
The website has been developed from the highly-acclaimed, six-volume, encyclopedic textbook Gynecology & Obstetrics, that was first published in 1934 and that has been edited for the last 30 years by Professor John J. Sciarra.
An essential feature of this site is that all elements within it can be updated at any time, so that whenever significant new developments take place they should almost immediately be reflected in updates in the text. The site is also designed to be entirely flexible so that new chapters and other contributions can be seamlessly added whenever appropriate.
A second essential feature of the site is that nothing should appear on it unless is has been peer-reviewed. Because the site does not publish original research the Peer Review process undertaken is not as detailed as that undertaken by good research journals. Nevertheless everything that appears on the site, regardless of the expertise of the author, must have been reviewed by at least one other medical specialist. Every effort will be made to try to ensure the continued quality and currency of the materials provided.
Nurses, midwives, other medical professionals and medical students also have the option of free registration – and they will also gain certain specific benefits from doing so.

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