Tuesday, September 15, 2009

University of California, San Francisco: Drug Industry Document Archive

Drug Industry Document Archive from University of California, San Francisco


This archive will be of particular importance to those with an interest in public health, public policy, and the general activities of pharmaceutical companies.

The Drug Industry Document Archive (DIDA), created by the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), contains over 1500 documents related to pharmaceutical industry clinical trials, publication of study results, pricing, marketing,and relations with physicians. Many of these documents were previously secret and were only made public as a result of lawsuits filed against a number of prominent pharmaceutical companies. First-time visitors may wish to start by clicking on "TheDocuments" link on the homepage. Here they can read about some of the crucial lawsuits that generated the documents featured in this archive.

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UCSF LTDL said...

We’re pleased to announce the addition to the Drug Industry Document Archive (DIDA) of the Wyeth ghostwriting documents unsealed by a Federal judge last month at the request of PLoS and the New York Times.

The documents illustrate how Wyeth Pharmaceuticals contracted with DesignWrite, a medical communications company, to write articles for top-tier medical journals with the intention of bolstering the sales of the Premarin family of hormone replacement products. After the articles were written, DesignWrite solicited prominent health professionals to appear as “authors.”

The documents are full-text searchable and limited metadata, such as names of people and organizations mentioned, has been created for most documents to aid searching. The documents can be found by entering “cs:prempro” without the quotation marks in the query box on DIDA’s home page (http://dida.library.ucsf.edu).