Friday, April 23, 2010

Films on Demand at Hamilton Library

Films on Demand at Hamilton Library
Films on Demand provides streaming access to educational videos in the humanities, social and natural sciences, business and health.

For example:

The global statistics are alarming: diabetes kills one person every 10 seconds, and a limb amputation is carried out as a result of the disease every 30 seconds. What can 21st-century medicine achieve...

From Series: Medical Challenges of the 21st Century |

52 Minutes
One day, microbes will eliminate our dirt and garbage, filter our exhaust systems, and help make self-cleaning clothing possible. This program takes viewers on a global journey-from the U.S. to Icelan...

This program takes viewers into the fascinating world of laparoscopic and arthroscopic surgery. Looking over the shoulders of several pioneering doctors, we see how once-major operations are being rep...

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