Friday, September 24, 2010

New pill aimed at preventing diabetes

A recent surge in obesity is putting diabetes on track to become one of the country's most feared epidemics. Here at home, the John A. Burns School of Medicine is at the forefront of stopping the illness." They estimate 57 million people in this country have pre-diabetes,” said Dr. Terry Shintani. And many who live in Hawaii are at risk." The pacific islanders, the Asian populations are at very high risk and these rates increase with increasing age,” said Dr. Beatriz Rodriguez, principal investigator. At the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine, a clinical trial is underway to stop diabetes before it starts.

Researchers are looking for adults 40-70 years old who have early signs of type 2 diabetes, but are not on any medication." And we're looking for people who are less than 250 pounds,” said Dr. Rodriguez. "We want men and women all races."

Patients who complete the study will receive $400.

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