Friday, September 24, 2010

Tackling Allergies Can Ease Asthma Suffering

About 4 million to 5 million American children have persistent asthma, and about 90 percent of them also have allergies. Studies have found that treating the allergies can not only make asthmatic children more comfortable, but it can even keep them out of the emergency room.

"For the vast majority of children with asthma, allergies are a very important, if not the most important factor in causing symptoms and determining risk for hospitalizations and emergency room visits," says asthma expert Dr. William Busse of the University of Wisconsin.

Role of Viral Respiratory Infections in Asthma and Exacerbations
For UHM only:
PMID: 20816549

Mast Cell Phenotype, Location and Activation in Severe Asthma: Data from the Severe Asthma Research Program
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PMID: 20813890

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